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I am a qualified teacher ( & SENCo), Mindfulness Mentor and facilitator (MiSp .B and Youth Mindfulness), parent and child Mindful Emotion Coach and a Somatic Attachment Practitioner. I have more than twenty-five years’ experience as a teacher and education manager in public, voluntary and private educational settings. Much of my work has been with children and young people experiencing social, emotional and mental health issues and I have a specific interest in supporting children to realise their full potential. My training in counselling skills, contemplative practice (mindfulness) and emotional coaching, has been a huge resource to me, as has my own personal experience of therapeutic relationships. Bringing an understanding and appreciation of the impact of trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) into the classroom has enabled me to be more effective in supporting children and young people to manage their emotions, self-regulate and develop a deeper understanding of self.  

I grew up in South London and as an adult, spent 10 particularly formative years living and working in The Gambia. My lived experience and cultural inheritance provide foundations for the continued development of contemplative practice. In my living, sharing and teaching practices, I find that incorporating music and poetry provides opportunities to pay attention differently, and to engage creativity and imagination. I am inspired by many different musicians, artists, and writers and particularly enjoy some of the rich offerings of Black feminist thought. 

“One enters a room and history follows; one enters a room and history precedes. History is already seated on the chair in the empty room when one arrives. Where one stands in society seems always related to this historical experience. “         Dionne Brand
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