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Black Parenting Matters

Black Parenting Matters (BPM) is a workshop space where within a supportive and creative space, parents and carers (whether ‘actively’ parenting or not), are invited to bring some of the hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities of parenting. This is for you whether you are parenting black babies, children, teenagers or young adults. This is a facilitator led workshop in which the activities will provide opportunities to breathe, think, talk, listen, imagine and be.


We will consider and explore how; 

  • We navigate the challenges of parenting black children in anti-black environments. 

  • We can share, boost and prioritise self-care strategies that support our parenting

  • We imagine and create futures that encourage connection rather than exclusion, and embrace a spectrum of black experience and identity

  • We continue to develop practices of parenting that support both individual and collective wellbeing

  • Full details:

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"I thought I was coming to a 'talk/lecture' but realised this was a space to learn from each other. More groups like this are needed"

                                                             - Natalie, Black Parenting Matters

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