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Bantabaa:  A contemplative meeting space/group for Black and POC men

The sessions take place online from 12.00pm until 13.30pm. - Sundays.  

 There will be an opportunity to:


• pay attention creatively to the contemplative practices that have, and do, support our survival (to expand on the narrow ways with which white/western claiming's of ‘mindfulness’ might lead us to think that it is not for us


• draw on music, poetry, and other forms of cultural production as supports for our pause, rest, and contemplation


• share, feel, think, and breathe together.


• This space is open to all Black and POC men. There is no need for any previous experience or knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, or working in groups. An intention to be open and curious about what might emerge when we come together, is more than enough. Please email me with any questions about the programme ie, access, costs, timings.

For more information CONTACT US

"I'm also enjoying your Sylvia Wynter references - I've read some of her texts - each paragraph seems to have a thousand edges"

                                                             - Participant March 13th 2022

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