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July - August 2023 - In collaboration with Stephen Rudder of Quiet Voice

The project is a partnership between Quiet Voice, the Medical Humanities team (part of the medical school) at King’s College London, and King’s Culture. It is part of the Medical Humanities team’s vision to involve local communities and promote creativity in the medical student’s curriculum. The legacy of this project will impact the education of tomorrow’s doctors for several years to come.

The project’s purpose and aims:

  • To provide a safe and creative space for a group of young black men to share and reflect on topics around wellbeing and access to healthcare.

  • To bring together young people and artists to create a performance, presented to an invited audience at the Science Gallery in July 2023

  • To create a filmed version of the performance that will be used as a teaching resource for staff and students at King’s College London.

  • Link to film.

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