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Contemporary Medusa

“One enters a room and history follows; one enters a room and history precedes. History is already seated on the chair in the empty room when one arrives. Where one stands in society seems always related to this historical experience. “ Dionne Brand


She enters the classroom, playfulness in her heart, curiosity on her tongue, butterflies in her stomach – on her heart brain…

thoughts join dots to create an ever changing scene..

There is an absence…of her/ story

His story in the corridor on display- double backed with borders.

His story already seated on the chair

On the pages

The white board enlarges his/story - wide scream

Emotional erasure hangs on the air

She is seen through his white gaze…his/tory already formed, precedes her

not seen


on probation

An offence

Braid, plait, twist, knot, lox, cane row

Afro future


Her brothers know what it is to be policed

Curtailed, restricted, restrained, detained

attention through detention

His story weaponised the black body

His story personified her hair

Imbued with racial imaginary defiance , rebellion, aggression, freedom

Contemporary medusa

Her body constricts at her absence

She unlearns the learnt

Reimagines the imagined – unimagined

She writes

On the margins

Between the lines

Pages torn

shame based discipline stalks the corridors

The overseer lives

Art; RJDownes

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